Диммер Beglec BRITEQ BT-626/GER

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[b]Описание[/b] Professional 6 channel Dimmer / Switch pack for 19" rack mounting Max load 16A (3680W) per channel with automatic 16A circuit breakers Suitable for both inductive and resistive loads Can be used to dim incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, low volt halogen lamps with ballast and dimmable LED-lamps (load must be >100W). Outputs equipped with German mains sockets (see barcode sticker) DMX (3p-XLR + RJ11) and analog 0/10V (dB9) inputs Block or individual channel addressing (soft patch) Switch/dimmer mode can be set individually for all channels Control faders 0-100% for all channels (no external controller needed) Preheat control to extend lamp life: 0-6% Automatic phase/frequency tracking (45Hz to 63Hz) for improved dimming under difficult conditions. LED display for monitoring of all functions, including internal temperature. Mains input (200 ~ 240Vac): 3-phase/4wire: total max. load = 22kW Single phase/2wire: total max. load = 9,6kW Intelligent thermo protection with automatic fan control. Dimensions: 483x88x312mm (19"/2U) Weight: 8kg [b]Технические характеристики[/b] Power Input: AC 200-240V, 45-63Hz auto tracking Max. input load: 3-phase/4wire: total max. load = 22kW Single phase/2wire: total max. load = 9,6kW Max. output load/channel: 16A or 3600W for use in theatre, stage, … 12A or 2700W for non-stop 24/7 use in hotels, restaurants, buildings, … DMX in/output: 3pin-XLR or RJ11-6p4c (DMX-512 / 1990 protocol) Switch mode DMX values: switch-on value = 127 switch-off value = 50 Analog input: DC 0-10V on D-type db-9 connector Pin1~6 ? Channels1~6 Pin7 ? not connected Pin8 ? +12Vdc Pin9 ? GND Max. ambient temperature: Fan activation temp: 45